camac Lamp


Canadian Wood Council Wood Product Design Project
Fall 2007

This team project requires a new product idea to demonstrate the presence of Canadian wood in the design market. This lighting idea creates interest through an eye-catching application of illuminating veneers and pushing the limits of how electricity manoeuvres through wooden parts. Each cylindrical lamp tier independently rotates about a central spine. I contributed to design documentation, structural design, electrical design and construction, and prototype assembly.

Design Process Focus:
ideation, technical drawings, precise prototype, business plan, presentation

Notable Elements:
-electrical, mechanical, and aesthetic curiosity
-promotes interest for the Ontario wood industry

paperback cherry veneer, cherry dowels, HDPE covers, low heat bulbs, steel pipe joints

"We really like the lamp project in your portfolio, there is nothing out there that is quite like it," Ideacious

Created by Matthew Anonen, Christian Sugiharto, Amanda Billark and Andrea Kezdi. Permission for use required.