Mobile Devices Kiosk

Representation, Communication for Industrial Design Course at OCAD
Fall 2006

idea, interaction design, retail design, scaled model
Solution Summary:
This is a kiosk design that interactively promotes two company products. Key Elements include two billboards/displays positioned at 90 degrees from each other within a display tower, two individual multimedia sample stations, two seats oriented to observe two overhead screens and a counter with a display case inset. The overall "U" plan has soft curves and hard edges communicative of the product look and feel direction. The ?U? plan also enables a store-like atmosphere unlike traditional kiosk stand layouts.
Notable Design Process:
design research (client), sketches, model making
Notable Elements:
-planned to create a customer spectacle
-communication of brand identity using form for an exhibit
Intended Materials:
wiggle board, plywood, acrylic sheets, glass
Model Materials:

foamcore, bristol, plastic sheets