eMERGE Small Office Workstations

OCAD Thesis
Sept. 2008 - May 2009

Start-up or collaborative businesses have furnishing limitations due to a lack of affordable versatile designs. They either deal with previous owner's furnishings or need to change the workstations to focus their solo and group work activity. I constructed an effective solution by creating and presenting a dual-purpose unit that allows either group or solo work activity. It enables switch-ability between group space and a personal work environment at a reasonable cost.

eMERGE is essentially an enhanced group station divider. It offers efficient change of atmosphere at breaks, concentration, or collaborative work.

Notable Elements:
-Enable individual and group activity to take place effectively in one setting
-Improvements to balance contemporary set up deficiencies from day start to end
-Other factors this project enhances: installation versatility, technology accessibility, space real-estate, strain, cleanliness, elegance - all with affordable cost in mind

Baltic Birch Veneer, Oak Veneer, Aluminum, Stretchable fabric

The unit sandwiches between two plain desks by a frame plate. Simple pneumatic pistons assist lifting the wall. Slow lift action occurs when a user taps the switch inside the han hole. Do the same to lower it while gently pushing down.

"This is a project Herman Miller would watch closely and invest in," Herman Miller Sales Representative

Initiation, Process, Ideation: