Home Grip
Unobvious Assistive Devices for Elderly Individuals, Architectural Hardware course at OCAD
March 2008

Brief & Design Criteria:
Most people in their early 60’s to early 70’s would welcome the security of an extra handgrip here and there. They are aware that they are able, but know a normal accident can be a higher risk at their age.
Solution Created:

Simple assistive devices that are minimal or discreet are welcome, extravagant installations are not desirable. What about this one?
Notable Elements:
-non slip coating/optional ripple knurl
-smooth radius at pinch points
-omni-directional mounting

Notable Design Process:
site research, design research (demographics, market, user), ideation, sketches, technical drawings, CAD, model making, presentation
Intended Material:
Model Materials:
yellow foam