Wayfinding and Sign Design for Constantly Evolving Retail Space
factorydirect.ca Retail Stores Corporate Management
Spring 2011

Identification of key wayfinding opportunities, submitted requested ideas and pilot pieces (Display Case Pilot Signs, Aisle Directory Concepts, POP Templates)
Project Summary:
This company has been facing rapid expansions, and I realized at a certain point, standardizing wayfinding infrastructure would bring multiple benefits. I successfully pitched a prototype now in use and offered efficiency options for material sourcing. This design offers high end benefits unheard of for the budget per sign: large coloured number header, 5-6 customizable categories, quality material look and feel, brand fit, rapidly replaceable sign cards/graphics, and durability.
Solution Created:
-standardized signage board size and layout including hardware
-insertable listings with innovative use of paper cards protected by thin clear flaps which yields easily producible updates, a permanent look and feel and durability.
-some display case category sorting headers and point of purchase information templates are currently in use at a major location in Brampton.
-followed cues from the company’s typography and colour themes
Design Process Focus:
As an employee of this company, I had enhanced access to practise observational design research and I applied this design understanding to make materials emphasising competitive advantages.
-sketches, costing/sourcing, technical drawings, model making, precise prototype, mass production design
“Your aisle sign idea represents the company well, it meets our price point” Regional Merchandising Manager
-graphic influence credit: factortydirect.ca corporate graphic design
-for the exclusive use of the company